For anyone of any age who wants to move better, reduce the risk of injury



Specialist physiotherapist Rob Barker (MCSP) will provide you with treatment and rehabilitation to suit your individual needs.

Sports Massage

Gain freedom of movement and feel at your best with either a 30 or 60 minute massage session.

Golf and Athletic screening

A screening to highlight any physical limitations you may have that potentially affect your golf swing and/or sporting performance.

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Neck pain

At Fairway.Physio we commonly see patients who complain of pain in the neck upon waking in the morning with no idea of why their pain has started. In fact, this is more commonly seen than traumatic ne...

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Treating the Cause of the Problem

Pain is simply the body’s way of telling you that something is not right. Pain can be caused by damage or stress to any one of the tissues within the body, such as bone, muscle, ligament, tendon etc....

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Low Back Pain in Golf

Golf is a sport where for the most part the body is put under low levels of stress. However, the body undergoes high load and stress during the golf swing....

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Golf Warm Up

We all know that warming up for golf is a good idea, but most golfers tend not to. A quick coffee and a few swings of the club is about as far as most golfers get to warming up....

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