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How poor single leg balance may increase the risk of injury in runners:

You might think that being good at standing on one leg has little to do with your running performance or injury risk, but you may be wrong. While running, you will spend a significant portion of your time during your run, stood on one leg. Ground reaction times vary between individuals and there are many variables that exist that determine the amount of time your foot is on the ground at any one time. The speed you are running, the type of foot strike you employ (rear foot / mid foot / forefoot runner), reactivity of the soft tissues in
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Are You Conditioned To Run?

Running is a brilliant hobby! It’s fantastic for our heart and lung health, maintaining a healthy weight and (even more so through this lockdown period) our mental health. But whether you’re a 2 hour marathon runner, or running is a new healthy hobby since the new year, injuries are a common problem and individuals should respect the fact that they will need to condition their body to remain injury free.  A recent review of literature demonstrated that regardless of running ability, injury rate ranged from 30% in novice runners to more than 50% in marathon runners. And although some of
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Medial Knee Pain

Muscles around the hip help control movement of the knee and reduce stress on the knee ligaments. The Gluteal muscles pull the knee outward resisting inward movement of the knee, keeping the knee moving on its hinge rather than an off hinge movement. Ensuring these muscles stay strong can help reduce the risk of pain on the inside of the knee.
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